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Pay attention to the wearing parts of electric hoist in daily inspection

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Each electric hoist has its wearing parts, basically the same type of electric hoist, the wearing parts are the same, the wearing parts of the wire rope electric hoist include elastic block, spline sleeve, gear shaft, tapered brake ring , Rope guide, etc. In the daily inspection of the electric hoist, focus on these vulnerable parts, which makes it easier to find problems in time and avoid safety accidents.

Elastic blocks are generally used for couplings and are made of polyurethane rubber, which is easily damaged during use. Spline sleeves are generally suitable for reducers, using 40MnB material. The gear shaft is suitable for the reducer, which is made of 20MnTiB material. The tapered brake ring is generally suitable for hoisting motors and is made of rubber, asbestos, and resin.

The wearing parts of the electric hoist must be inspected before use, and it must be ensured that there is no damage before it can be used. Although there is a saying that "those who make big things do not stick to the trivial", in the use of electric hoists, no matter how big or small the details are, special attention must be paid.





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