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Pay attention to the receipt of the wire rope hoist after the arrival of the goods

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After purchasing the wire rope hoist, it is necessary to check and check immediately after receiving the goods to determine whether there is any missing or damaged.


When you receive the wire rope hoist goods, you should check whether it is correct. If you find any missing, you need to consult the manufacturer whether there is a missing shipment. If the missing shipment is missed, the manufacturer will make a replacement.


If the delivered goods are complete, you need to find the logistics party to see if they are lost in warehouses, trucks, etc., so that the loss can be stopped in time. If the goods are found to be damaged, it is usually a problem in the transportation of the logistics company, and you can find the logistics company for compensation. If it is damaged to the point of being unusable, it is necessary to find out the cause and settle the claim as soon as possible.


After receiving the wire rope hoist, counting the items is a guarantee for one's own legal rights and interests, and it is also a kind of responsibility. You can stop the loss in time, and you can also protect your legitimate rights and interests.

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