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Parts of the chain hoist

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The chain hoist is a light and small lifting device. The appearance of the fuselage is beautiful, durable and durable. The internal gears are all quenched by high temperature, which increases the wear resistance and toughness of the gears. It adopts international advanced technology, fine workmanship and tight fit between gears. The following small series introduces you to the components of the lower chain hoist.

1. Lifting chain. The chain hoist lifting chain adopts Φ7.1mm and Φ11.2mm class 80 surface hardened lifting chain to ensure its safety and durability. The strong hardening surface of the lifting chain prevents product breakage and softening of the core material, thus maintaining high performance of the lifting chain for a long time. The chains of the chain hoist are made of low-carbon alloy steel, which makes the chain more tough and more durable, ensuring safety during work.

2. Double brake system. Two complete and independent brake systems not only reduce the possibility of brake failure, but also enhance the safety of the brakes and facilitate heat dissipation.

3. Speed gears. Standard chain hoists generally use helical gears to provide reliability and extend life by reducing gear occlusion and vibration. The special design of the gears enhances the durability of the gears, and the gears are made of alloy steel and are subjected to professional fine heat treatment for maximum strength.

4. Oil bath lubrication. The gearbox uses a MODE oil bath lubrication system. Lubricating the gear system with an oil bath provides coolant for the mechanical brakes.

5. Relay (reverse protection). The relay protects the hoist from damage due to misconnection (reverse connection) of the power cord and is easy to maintain. The steel structure design of the chain hoist simplifies the maintenance and replacement of components.

6. Lifting level. The level of lifting is essential for completing a rigorous work cycle and is also a requirement for industrial production. The standard chain hoist is for 40% ED grade to meet lifting industrial applications.

7. Overload and under load automatic protection. Use the limit switch to eliminate damage to the hoist caused by overload and under load.

8. Button control handle. The light heavyweight button controls are rain resistant and responsive.

9. Anti-wear load roller. The load sheave is made of alloy steel and is professionally heat treated to resist wear and smooth fit with the chain.





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