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Overhead crane safety operation requirements

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1. When the driver takes over, check the brakes, hooks, wire ropes and safety equipment. When the function is found to be abnormal, it should be excluded before operation.

2. Before you drive, you must ring or alarm. Intermittent ring tones or alarms should also be given when approaching people in operation.

3. The operation should be carried out according to the command signal. The emergency stop signal, regardless of who announced it, should be implemented immediately.

4. The power can be turned off when no one is recognized on or around the bridge crane. If the power disconnect device is locked or has a sign, it should be removed by the relevant personnel before the main power can be turned off.

5. Before closing the main power supply, all controller handles should be placed in the zero position.

6. When the power is suddenly cut off during operation, all the controller handle boards should be returned to the zero position. Before starting the work from the beginning, check whether the bridge crane movements are normal.

7. Bridge cranes operating on the track in the open air. When the operation is over, the bridge crane should be anchored. When the wind is greater than level 6, the operation should generally be stopped and the bridge crane should be anchored. For cranes operating on the coast such as bridge cranes, when the wind is greater than level 7, the operation should be stopped and the bridge cranes anchored.





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