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Nature and prevention of single beam crane wear

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Due to the advantages of good performance and multiple selectivity, single-beam cranes have been applied in various different industrial fields, and their performance is not only good. But the troubles for all mechanical equipment also appear in single-beam cranes, that is, the wear and tear of components, which will directly affect the service life of the equipment.


In order to extend the service life of a single-beam crane, the effective method is to reduce the wear of its accessories, but before this, it is necessary to figure out what causes the wear of the components. The causes of wear are different, and the preventive measures are different. For example, the wear caused by friction can be solved by adding lubricants and removing foreign particles in the friction position.

However, if the wear caused by corrosion can not be done, the correct approach is to start by changing its material and try to use crane parts that are not easily chemically or electro chemically and have relatively stable performance, so as to prevent wear. effect.

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