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Methods to distinguish the quality of chain electric hoist

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The chain hoist is a hoist that is often used in the workshop. This kind of small hoist, light weight, convenient installation, very stable operation and lifting, has begun to replace the bulky electric hoist, and the CD type The electric hoist will also be replaced slowly.

The quality of the chain electric hoist can be distinguished according to the following points. First, after the power is turned on, the chain electric hoist is controlled to move up, down, left, and right. Investigate whether the direction keys are correct. Pay attention to whether there is a brake sound when the up and down operation is suspended. In addition, See if the chain has slipped after the suspension. If so, it means that the friction plate is too loose, or the device is not normal. After there are no problems, click the up and down keys to investigate the operation interval. The smaller the interval, the better the chain hoist.

Tips for use: In some workshops or workshops, sometimes it is necessary to run a relatively small interval, for example, the device may be docked, the demand hoist slowly increases or decreases to facilitate calibration and installation, but the electric chain hoist is mostly single speed, double speed is sometimes divided Slow speed can't be satisfied with the speed of the device. At this time, it can be a little way to press the button, that is, click to stop, the time is very short, so the range of movement is relatively small, you can calibrate once after each click. The equipment is installed successfully. This is also the reason why click to check the lifting interval when selecting the electric chain hoist. In principle, the smaller the lifting interval, the better.





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