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Methods of preventing Electric Hoist from shaking

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When using the crane, pay attention to the limit position of the crane to avoid hoisting in the limit position. The hoisting operation of the goods shaking violently will encounter people and objects or fall, it will be possible. 
Leading to a major accident such as death or serious injury. If the load wobbles, the more it wobbles, the more difficult it is for the car to operate and is accompanied by danger. In principle, do not shake the load horizontally. Cause. 
Here, follow these steps: 
The main results are as follows:

(1) do not cable-pull, pay attention to the lifting operation; 
(2) the trolley starts slowly when it moves laterally; 
(3) do not lift the load sharply; 

Note: when starting and stopping the lateral movement of the ring chain electric hoist, even if the above operation is followed, the lifting load will shake somewhat.

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