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Maintenance of reducer for electric hoist

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During the use of electric hoists, various abnormal situations often occur. Generally, a slightly knowledgeable master will rule out which component is faulty based on sound and fault phenomena. Among them, the fault includes the reducer and the brake. Common accidents include leakage of fittings and overheating of fittings.


The oil leakage is mainly caused by the deformation of the box, the failure of the sealing gasket, the lack of a smooth section, and the tightening of the bolts. At the leaked oil part, including the bearing-specific end cap and the surface layer of the housing connection, such bolts can be properly reinforced or seals can be replaced according to various reasons.

The partial heat of the reducer is mainly caused by problems such as broken bearings, jammed bearing necks, damage to the gear teeth of the system, reliable lubricants, and the addition of too much lubricant. If the gearbox becomes too hot, identify the housing of the gearbox, and especially check the mounting bearings. If the whole is too hot, it is caused by adding too much oil. The small holes of the reducer should be inspected to release redundant lubricating oil. If the bearing is too hot, the oil surface should be opened to identify the small holes in the bolt and check the lubricating oil flowing out. If not much oil is flowing out, the total amount is appropriate.




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