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Main safety measures for electric hoist hoisting large equipment in narrow space

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In a narrow space, it is very difficult to lift large equipment. In this case, the advantage of using an electric hoist is to ensure the simultaneous operation of several lifting points during the horizontal transportation and vertical lifting of the equipment, and Only one person is required to control the operation on the ground, which eliminates the safety hazards caused by a large number of people crowded in a small space or high altitude. The main safety technical measures for electric hoist hoisting large equipment in a narrow space are as follows:

1. According to the actual situation of the project, strictly and meticulously formulate the lifting plan and conduct multi-party review. Draw the location line and key points of the equipment according to the geographical location of the construction site and the equipment transportation route.

2. Care should be taken during transportation and hoisting. The equipment must be hoisted and stabilized before transportation can be carried out. During the construction process, collisions between equipment and other objects such as steel structures, nearby equipment and pipelines, and buildings are strictly prohibited.

3. Before hoisting the electric hoist, a test hoist should be carried out to check whether the hoisting of the electric hoist is stable and the control interlocking mechanism is normal.

4. The electric hoist and lifting rigging used should be strictly checked before use to ensure good performance. Carry out a joint safety inspection before hoisting. When the equipment is just lifted off the ground, the lifting lugs, steel wire ropes, and support beams should be inspected jointly. There is no abnormality before the next step of construction.

In short, for the installation and lifting process of large equipment, attention should be paid to the rationality of the construction plan. The rationality of the plan mainly refers to the specific conditions of the construction environment. For the late arrival of the equipment, the steel frame or the building workshop has been completely or partially closed, etc. Space operation, using electric hoist hoisting technology for operation, safe, economical and practical.





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