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Low headroom electric chain hoist can be used in low and small workshop

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Some factories can’t rent high buildings and can only use some low ones, but the things imported by the factories will be in batches, which are extremely heavy and require an electric hoist to lift the workers to reduce the burden on workers. Many users only know that there is Electric chain hoist can lift heavy objects, but when you buy it back, you can’t use it. This is a problem because the plant is too low and the electric chain hoist itself is high and cannot be hoisted in a low place. The reason is because I don’t understand the product of electric chain hoist.


Electric chain hoists are divided into fixed electric chain hoists, running electric chain hoists, and low headroom electric chain hoists. Stationary electric chain hoist and running electric chain hoist are both in normal use. The difference is low headroom electric chain hoist. Low headroom is a device with a relatively low distance. The distance between the device itself is low and the height can be lifted. It will be taller, so it is especially suitable for low-rise workshops.


When purchasing, users must first know what environment they are using electric hoist in, whether it is a relatively high plant or a low plant, how much tonnage and the lifting height are, which product to choose or directly according to these conditions You can communicate with VOHOBOO and let us recommend suitable products for you.





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