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Lifting wire rope hoist wire rope maintenance method

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The steel wire rope is the main lifting accessory of the steel wire rope hoist. The maintenance of the steel wire rope is an important measure to ensure the project progress and service life. The specific maintenance methods are as follows:

1. The pulley worn by the wire rope electric hoist should not have cracks or gaps on its edges.

2. The steel wire rope should not rub against other objects during the movement, and should not be dragged diagonally with the edge of the steel edge, so as to avoid the edges of the steel plate cutting the steel wire rope and directly affecting the service life of the steel wire rope.

3. When using wire rope on high-temperature objects, heat insulation measures must be adopted, because the strength of the wire rope will be greatly reduced after being subjected to high temperature.

4. The electric hoist must frequently check the strength of its steel rope during use. Generally, a full inspection or strength test must be carried out at least six months.

5. Overloading is strictly prohibited during use, and should not be subjected to impact forces. When bundling or lifting the required objects, be careful not to make the wire rope directly contact the sharp edges of the objects. They should be covered with wooden boards, canvas, sacks or other cushions at their contact points to prevent the fast edges of the objects from damaging the wire rope and causing equipment and life accidents.

6. In the process of using the electric hoist, if there is insufficient length, it must be connected with a shackle. It is strictly forbidden to use a steel wire head to wear a thin steel wire to take a long lifting object to avoid the resulting shear force.

7. After using the electric hoist for a period of time, the steel wire rope must be lubricated. On the one hand, the steel wire rope can be prevented from rusting. On the other hand, during the use of the steel wire rope, each of its sub-ropes will be in the same strand of wire and wire. There is sliding friction with each other, especially when the wire rope is subjected to bending force, this friction is more exciting, and crying after adding lubricating oil reduces this friction.

8. When storing the steel wire rope, clean the stolen goods on the steel wire rope according to the above method, then apply the number lubricant, coil the number, store it in a dry place, and place a wooden board or sleeper under the steel wire rope for regular inspection.

9. During the use of the steel wire rope, pay special attention to prevent the steel wire rope from coming into contact with the welding wire. After the electric shock, the wire rope will be damaged, which will affect the smooth operation of the operation.

10. Pay attention to check whether there is breakage and damage and whether it is used, or need to replace the new rope to ensure safety.

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