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JIB crane system solution

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JIB crane features

First, the JIB crane has a lightweight structure, simple operation, flexible maneuverability, strong adaptability, and affordable price, which greatly saves the input cost, reduces the labor intensity of workers, and improves work efficiency.

Secondly, the JIB crane solves the weakness of the fixed crane which is susceptible to site constraints, and is an ideal equipment for repair and installation.

Third, the JIB crane can be moved freely on a smooth work site with human power.

Fourth, JIB cranes are both economical and efficient. Whether it is serving part or all of the workshop, it can simply and reliably serve the work of each device, can be rotated 360 °, and can easily complete the work task,

It can be seen that the use of a JIB crane greatly saves investment costs and improves work efficiency. VOHOBOO has a professional technical team to guide users before and after installation to ensure that users are familiar with the operation and maintenance of the product and provide you with professionalism. After sales service, our JIB crane is not only beautiful in appearance, but also of high quality and low price. It is your first choice for purchase.





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