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Is the remote control of household electric chain hoist easy to operate?

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When the electric chain hoist is produced, the manufacturer will be equipped with a remote control. Unlike the chain hoist, the electric hoist only needs to be pulled by hand to start running the electric hoist. In mountainous areas, compared with electric motors, there is still no remote control operation method to save labor, and most users still choose the remote control button operation method.


There are up, down, east, west, north, south, etc. directions on the remote control buttons, and the horizontal direction moves upward. The operation instructions of the trolley are described for the north and south in the way of the trolley moving. At the same time, there is also an emergency operation button, which is very user-friendly. Press it to start using it and release it.


The operation of the remote control is relatively simple. The above text is standard. It can be used directly by pressing it, and the operation cannot be performed by releasing it. It is very convenient. Hope it helps in your work.





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