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Introduction to the principle of single beam bridge crane operating mechanism

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The task of the operating mechanism is to make the crane or trolley move horizontally to carry goods or adjust the working position. At the same time, it can transfer the load acting on the single beam bridge crane or trolley to the foundation supporting them. The operation mechanism of the land crane is divided into two types: trackless operation and tracked operation. The operating mechanism on a single-beam bridge crane belongs to the latter category.


Single-girder overhead travelling crane is a hoisting equipment for horizontal material hoisting in workshop, warehouse and material yard. As its ends sit on tall concrete pillars or metal supports, it looks like a bridge. The single-beam bridge crane's bridge runs longitudinally along the tracks laid on both sides of the overhead, which can make full use of the space under the bridge to lift materials without being hindered by ground equipment. The running mechanism on a single-beam bridge crane is composed of an electric motor, a transmission device (a transmission shaft, a coupling, a reducer, etc.), a brake and a wheel set.


Single-girder bridge crane operating mechanisms can be divided into two types: grouped and integrated according to their structural characteristics. The running mechanism can be divided into two types of centralized driving and separate driving according to the active wheel driving method. Concentrated drive is driven by a single motor on both sides of the track, and separately driven is driven by separate motors on each side of the track.


The running mechanism is driven by the friction between the active wheels of the single-girder bridge crane and the track (usually called adhesion or adhesion). In order to ensure sufficient adhesion, the running mechanism should have enough driving wheels (active wheels). The driving wheels should be properly arranged and in any case should have sufficient wheel pressure, otherwise it will affect normal operation. The driving wheels of the running mechanism on the bridge crane are usually half of the total number of wheels, and are arranged in the opposite or four corners. This arrangement can ensure that the sum of the wheel pressures of the driving wheels does not change.




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