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Introduction to the environment of wire rope electric hoist

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As a kind of industrial crane, the wire rope hoist crane plays a very important role in many lifting operations, but the wire rope hoist crane has different precautions in different operating environments.

1. Use in humid environment

The humidity of the wire rope hoist crane's working environment is generally not more than 85%, but now with the increase of the working environment requirements, more and more working environments are more than 85%, or even up to 100%, such as radiation in nuclear power plants There is a lot of dust, and it is necessary to use a high-pressure water gun to settle. At this time, there are high requirements on the lifting equipment. In a generally humid environment, the pre-heating drying device is used to dry the motor of the equipment to prevent damage to the equipment.

2. Use in high temperature environment

The operating room of the wire rope hoist crane will be higher in high temperature environment, so the operating room must be equipped with air conditioners or electric fans to cool down, otherwise it will threaten the life and safety of the operators.

Temperature control equipment needs to be installed on the wire rope hoist crane casing. When the temperature is too high, a warning will be given to remind the relevant personnel to reduce the temperature. At the same time, the equipment should also be equipped with a fusing mechanism. Shut down the machine to avoid danger.

3. Use in dusty environment

Dust is mostly fine particles that can cause damage to the human body through the respiratory tract, so the operating room should be closed to ensure the safety of the operator's life.

Corresponding protection mechanisms must also be provided on the equipment. Generally, the protection grade of the wire rope hoist crane is IP44, which can block the dust to a certain extent, but it is necessary to increase the dust protection capacity of the equipment when working in a dust environment for a long time. Strive to reach IP64, so as to ensure that the equipment can operate normally and stably in dusty environments.





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