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Interpretation of safety technology for electric hoist

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The electric hoist is divided into a wire rope type electric hoist and a chain type electric hoist. At present, a wire rope type electric hoist is used, which is referred to as an electric hoist.

First, safety technical requirements. One of the following conditions should not be operated:

1. overloaded. Tilting and slanting, pulling out buried objects or lifting unclear goods;

2. The electric hoist has defects or damages that affect the safety work, such as the failure of the brake and the limit device; the damage of the hook nut anti-loose device; the damage of the wire rope reaches the scrapping standard;

3. the bundled suspension is not strong or unbalanced and may slide, and the weight of the corners and the wire rope are not padded;

4.The work site is dim and it is impossible to see the situation of the site and the objects being lifted.


Second, the operation is safe.

1. Daily inspections should be carried out before the class. The inspection items are listed in the following table:

2. It is not allowed to park with the stopper.

3. It is not allowed to adjust the brake under the condition of lifting.

4. When lifting, it is not allowed to pass from the head of the personnel;

5. When the electric hoist is working, it is not allowed to inspect and repair;

6. When the lifting is close to the rated lifting weight, the lifting should be carried out first, and then lifting if there is no abnormality;

7. When the electric hoist has no lower limit device, the wire rope must have a safety ring (2-3 turns) on the reel.





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