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Installation and details of the bridge crane reducer

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As a necessary device in the bridge crane, the speed of the installation will directly affect the operation status of the entire lifting equipment. For the installation of the reducer in the bridge crane, the first thing to be determined is that it is installed. It is determined by the structure and size of the drive unit.


At present, the reducer can be installed in the bridge crane in two ways, one is mounted on the same base plate together with the motor; but if the reducer is large in size, the reducer is directly mounted on the basis of the drive unit. on. It should be noted that before installing the gear unit, the basic quality of the drive unit should be checked and installed as required.


The requirements mentioned here refer to the installation foundation of the bridge crane reducer. For example, the foundation should be firm and reliable, and should be level and free from sinking; its shape and bolt position should be configured and sized to meet the requirements of the unit; It should be clean and free from dirt, dirt, garbage and other dirt.


It also includes specific installation requirements. When the bridge crane reducer is installed on the foundation, it should be calibrated with a level gauge, which can be adjusted with metal gaskets or spacers. However, the gasket should not exceed two pieces at the same position. More than three pieces.


In order to avoid the deformation of the box, in order to maintain the meshing state of the gear unit of the reducer at the factory, the block should be symmetrically arranged on both sides of the foundation bolt. And when it is calibrated, the bolts should be tightened evenly, no looseness is allowed, and the tightness of the bolts should be consistent.

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