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Installation and adjustment of electric wire rope hoist

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3.1 Installation

3.1.1 After the electric hoist reaches the installation site, it should be carefully checked for damage during transportation.

3.1.2 The operation of electric hoist has a fixed standard gauge (see Table 1a, Table 1b). In order to adapt to the use on different I-beam tracks, the user chooses a standard structure or designs it by itself (the gauge should meet the corresponding standards ), When installing, use the adjustment washer P (Figure 1) to adjust the width of the wheel set of the running mechanism. When adjusting, keep a gap of C = 4mm ~ 5mm between the wheel rim and the lower side of the I-beam.

3.1.3 Stop pins and elastic buffering devices shall be installed at both ends of the track to prevent the hoist from derailing or collision and damaging the machine body.

3.1.4 For setting the ground wire on the I-beam or the frame connected to it, bare copper wires of φ4mm to φ5mm or metal conductors with a section of not less than 25mm2 can be used.

3.1.5 All electrical equipment is installed, and the insulation resistance to ground of all electrical control loops must not be less than 1.5MΩ.

3.2 adjustment

3.2.1 Figure 4 shows the structure of the hoisting motor of the CDI type 0.5t 5t electric hoist. When adjusting, loosen the screw (1) and turn the lock nut (2) clockwise to increase the spring (7). To obtain a large braking torque, and then tighten the screw (1), pay attention to observe when repeatedly starting (or pressing the motor shaft end to move it), the axial series momentum is generally 1.5mm is appropriate ; If the series momentum is too small, turn the nut (2) in the opposite direction, and the nut pitch is 1.5mm. When the adjusted sliding distance still exceeds the regulation, you should follow the second item in Chapter 5 "Faults and Troubleshooting" Exclude it.

3.2.2 Figure 5 shows the structure diagram of the CDI 10t electric hoist hoisting motor. The principle is the same as above, but the rotation direction of the lock nut should be reversed (rotate counterclockwise).

3.2.3 In use, if the brake needs to be adjusted, it can be performed as follows: For CDI type: When the brake ring is too worn or damaged, it should be replaced in time. When replacing, the brake ring is pressed tightly. In the fan brake wheel, it must not be loose. The cone surface of the brake ring should be processed and ground to make it make good contact with the cone surface of the rear end cover to ensure the reliable braking. For the adjustment of MDI type constant speed motor brake, please remove the dust cover at the rear of the constant speed motor, and then you can adjust. The method is the same as before. The adjustment of slow motor brake is the same as 3.2.1.

3.2.4 The adjustment method of the running motor and the lifting motor are the same as 3.2.1, but they cannot be adjusted too tightly.





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