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Install the electric chain hoist, you have to know the method

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The electric chain hoist is a lifting device that is simple in structure but convenient to use, and therefore is popular with many people. However, before we use the electric hoist, we need to master the correct installation method to ensure the subsequent normal use.

1. When we install the power cord, we need to ensure that the chain box is properly installed. And carefully check these two parts.


2. electric chain hoist, after installing the power cord, we need to continue to install the other parts of the electric chain hoist, this time we need to carefully read the operating instructions, according to the requirements step by step carefully.

3. In addition, we need to pay attention to the lubrication of each part, especially the chain part, after all the parts have been installed. Because the link of this part will directly affect the subsequent service life of the electric chain hoist.




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