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Inspection method for gantry crane protection grounding

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Cranes are often used in industrial production, of which gantry cranes account for the majority, so we should pay more attention to the inspection of gantry crane equipment and the inspection of its protective grounding, so as to ensure the integrity and safety of the equipment.


For the inspection of gantry cranes, it is necessary not only to master the standard inspection method, but also to take specific inspection methods according to specific inspection contents and environmental factors. Only in this way can the inspection level be truly improved. The inspection of the gantry crane includes two parts of the inspection of the mechanical part and the inspection of the electrical part. Among them, the inspection methods of the mechanical parts are various, and there are many contents, including the detection of the mid-upper crown of the main beam and the detection of the local warpage of the main beam web.


The inspection method for the mid-upper crown of the main beam of the gantry crane is such that the main beam is leveled by the bolster and the elevation of the upper cover at both ends of the seat plate is ≤ 2 mm. If it is a double main beam structure, the bolster should be placed directly below the main beam seat plate; if it is a single main beam structure, the bolster support center line is placed 700 mm outside the main beam seat plate.


In addition, it is the inspection of the protective grounding of the gantry crane. On the one hand, it is necessary to check whether the metal structure of the tower crane is well connected with the electrical equipment casing; on the other hand, check the grounding of the neutral wire repeatedly. If the grounding resistance is ≤10, the buried ground can be used. The tower body is repeatedly grounded, otherwise a separate grounding body should be provided for repeated grounding.


Not only that, but also check the total current loop of the gantry crane tower with or without short circuit protection device, select and set whether it meets the requirements, record the rated current of the fuse or the circuit breaker action setting current; calculate or quantitatively test the phase zero loop impedance, calculate Single phase short circuit current.





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