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Inspection and preparation of electric hoist climbing frame before lifting

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Group crane electric hoist is based on the construction industry and oil construction needs, after changing part of the design, it is derived from HSZ type chain hoist, using disc brake motor to do work, planetary reducer decelerates, has compact structure, small size, Light weight, high hardness, low wear, high efficiency, easy use, reliable braking and simple maintenance. Inspection and preparation work before electric hoist climbing frame lifting:

1. The actual strength of the concrete at the attachment supporting structure has reached the scaffold design requirement C20.

2. All threaded connection bolts have been tightened, construction live load has been evacuated, and all obstacles have been removed.

3. All unnecessary constraints have been lifted, the lifting system is operating normally, and all anti-falling devices function normally.

4. According to the division of labor, remove the live load on the frame, the connection between the sundries and the building, the obstacle, install the lifting device, connect the power, pre-tighten the electric hoist, prepare for operation, special wrench and crowbar.

5. All safety measures have been implemented.

6. The person in charge of safety technology shall make a safety technical confession to the operators of the climbing frame lifting, clearly define the division of responsibilities and put them in place, and record and sign.

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