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Industrial electric chain hoist hook chain and parts inspection

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1. Check the hook

Because the hook is located at the first and last positions of the electric chain hoist, it should be checked when it is used. When looking at it, it is mainly necessary to check whether the surface has cracks, serious wear, etc., and then check whether the radian is enough to prevent Tool cargo falls or affects progress. Note: There must be a tongue at the hook to work properly.


2. Check the chain

The chain can be said to be the core of the tool. It has to carry all the force, and its inspection cannot be ignored. Otherwise, the damage will have serious consequences. Therefore, it should be checked whether it has splices or different sizes when using it. , the existing is to pay attention to the chain can not be lengthened or shortened privately, otherwise it will affect the use of the entire tool.


3. Detection of internal parts

In order to make the project go smoothly, the internal parts of the tool should also be checked. At this time, it is recommended to debug under no-load state. It mainly depends on whether the ratchet and pawl work with each other when it rises or falls, and whether the friction plate is stopped when it stops. It works, etc. As long as there is an exception during the trial, it must be handled, otherwise the use will have a great impact.





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