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In-depth analysis of the cause of heating damage of electric chain hoist

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The electric chain hoist is composed of a lifting mechanism, an operating mechanism and an electrical control device. The electric chain hoist will generate heat during use. Of course, heating does not necessarily mean that the electric chain hoist is a problem. Under normal use, if the continuous use time is too long, or the use environment temperature is too high, the motor will generate heat. The situation arises.

If the above conditions are excluded, the following situations may cause heating of the electric chain hoist:

1. Overload in the use of electric chain hoist: If the rated lifting capacity is exceeded, the overload operation will cause the motor to become overheated. If the electric hoist is used for a long time, it will cause irreversible damage to the electric hoist.

2. If the motor is not overloaded and still heats up, you should check whether the motor bearings are damaged, and whether the motor is working according to the working system, which is also one of the reasons for the motor to heat up. The electric chain hoist needs to take regular breaks during use, and the electric chain hoist can continue to work after the electric chain hoist is completely cooled. In order to avoid damage to the motor caused by the heating of the motor, the work should be carried out in strict accordance with the motor working system.

3. If the brake gap is too small, it will also cause the motor to heat up: the brake gap is too small, and it is not completely disengaged, resulting in a lot of friction. The friction heat is also equivalent to increasing the additional load and reducing the motor speed. When the motor heats up, we should stop using the electric hoist, let it rest, and work after it cools down.

In order to avoid the above situation, we should take the following countermeasures:

1. Work strictly in accordance with the work system of the electric hoist, plan the use time, and give the motor a buffer opportunity.

2. If the weather temperature is too high at that time, external cooling measures can be taken, such as setting up a rain canopy and appropriately lowering the temperature, which can extend the duration of the motor heating.

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