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Important measures for emergency treatment of electric hoist

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After the electric hoist accident, the on-site personnel should not panic and do four things at the same time: report to the superior in time; rescue the wounded; eliminate the danger and stop the spread of the accident; protect the accident site, must be organized, commanded and orderly To avoid chaos and mistakes.

Before the person in charge of the accident arrived at the scene, the high-level person in charge at the accident site at the time should assume the organization and command of emergency response. At this time, the following four things should be done: stop panic and disorder; evacuate personnel quickly Dangerous area; rescue the wounded; carry out work to eliminate the danger and stop the spread of the accident when urgently needed and sure; when rescuing the wounded and carrying out risk elimination work, we must not invite the expansion of the injury, and the person in charge should immediately report the situation truthfully .

After the person in charge arrives, they should quickly understand and organize arrangements, and direct the four tasks of reporting to superiors, rescue, elimination and protection. Commanders must be calm in their heads and put an end to command errors.

The work of rescuing the wounded, eliminating dangers and stopping the spread of accidents must be carried out under unified command. During the process, protective arrangements should be made for new hazards that may be caused, and strict requirements and practices of "insurance, rescue, and elimination" must be adopted to ensure the safety of rescue and relief personnel.

Strictly protect the site, provide physical evidence and analysis basis for the accident and handling, and require the location and state of various items on the site to remain intact. When it is necessary to move the wounded due to the needs of rescue and exclusion, a special person shall be arranged to mark the original state and take photos to record it. All possible measures must be taken to prevent damage to the accident site by man-made or natural factors.

The cleaning of the scene must be confirmed by the accident investigation team before the evidence collection is completed and the complete record is recorded. Prior to this, no excuses should be made to resume construction and clean up the site without authorization.






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