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How to use the trolley type electric chain hoist in summer

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In summer, the electric hoist needs to avoid the motor of the running electric chain hoist from getting hot and cool down the electric hoist.


1: In normal use, you should try to choose a cool and ventilated environment to install the electric hoist, which is conducive to the timely heat dissipation of the electric hoist.


2: When the electric hoist is not in use, it is necessary to clean up the dust, soil and other stolen goods in time, so as not to affect the cooling function of the fan.


3: It is especially easy to rain in summer, and a small shed should be built to prevent rain.


4: When not in use, it needs to be placed in a clean and ventilated place, and don't just leave it aside.


The above are a few ways to keep the electric hoist working properly, I hope to help you.





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