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How to use the energy chain electric hoist to be more durable?

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When buying a chain electric hoist, I want to buy a good quality and durable product, so I feel that the money is spent on the blade, and it will be worth it after a few years of use. In fact, every electric hoist has been After strict testing standards, each set is a qualified product, and it will be sold with a certificate of conformity. It is not what users think. The same batch of electric hoists is good or bad. In fact, it is not durable. Use and maintenance habits are related.


Some users have the following habits. Wrong use specifications may speed up the aging speed of the electric hoist and become less durable.


1: Do not try hanging before use, just use it directly, which will cause some unknown problems.


2: Usually, it is never maintained after use, just put it aside, and rarely maintain it.


3: Vigorously hit the electric hoist, even though the electric hoist is very heavy and the shell is very hard, but the hard product can not withstand violent use.


If you want an electric chain hoist to be more durable, you must avoid the above problems during use and maintain it regularly to make the electric hoist more durable.

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