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How to test the electric chain hoist before use? How to maintain it during use?

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In a modern society, technology is progressing gradually, and many industries are also developing rapidly. The lifting industry is no exception. The existence of electric hoists in the lifting industry has provided effective help for many industries. With the development of the industry, There are many more types of this equipment. Next, let's look at how to perform the test before using the chain electric hoist? See what maintenance methods it has.

Electric chain hoist test before use:

This equipment is one of the complete specifications of the electric hoist. It can supply different types for unidentified places. So before using this equipment, the operator must check the lubrication of the lifting chain, because any existing Lubricating oil can be used to lubricate the chain, so this article recommends that you can maintain a small amount of lubricating oil in the chain bag and try to immerse the chain in the lubricating oil.

Press the lower button of the switch, the device will descend until the limit switch. At this time, the motor will automatically stop. When the button on the switch is pressed, the chain will be retracted into the chain bag. The motor will stop running after the chain is fully retracted. .

Maintenance method of electric chain hoist:

After the equipment is used for a long time, the chain will wear to varying degrees, and the casing will also corrode. Therefore, maintenance during the trial period is essential. This equipment is also divided into time periods during maintenance. Different stages can make everyone get different maintenance effects.

First of all, when working, when the oil in the gear box reaches several hours from the start of operation, it is necessary to check whether the lubricating oil is enough in time, and also check the lubricating oil in the third month after use. Add to.

Secondly, when the equipment is working in the open air, it is necessary to put up rainproof equipment. When using it, the market needs to keep the equipment parts dry. After the operation is completed, the equipment must be kept away from wet areas, high temperature areas, and chemical areas. Only in this way can the equipment be safe. Effective operation.





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