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How to stop the 5 ton electric chain hoist in the air?

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Lifting equipment products are used to lift products. Due to emergencies, it is uncertain what kind of situation will be encountered in mid-air, and emergency braking may be required to prevent accidents. The 5-ton electric chain hoist can also be used for emergency stop. How can it be stopped?


Start operation: turn on the power supply, turn on the control power supply; test run the chain electric hoist before hoisting heavy objects.


Operation and precautions during the operation of electric chain hoist: Lifting heavy objects must not exceed the weight of the group hoisting rules; stop standing or walking under heavy objects during the operation; no overloading; no oil stains on the brake belt; under the condition of equipment lifting There must be no safety protection measures to stop any part under the lifting objects; the hoisting chain should be suspended vertically, and the inclination of the hoisting chain should be kept within the range of the angle between the chain and the lead line not greater than 10-15 °, and the double-row chain must not be twisted.. When the chain diameter is reduced by 10% of the original diameter, a new chain should be replaced. When the plastic elongation of the chain reaches 5%, it is necessary to replace the chain. Chains are severely rusty and should not be used in succession; Strictly follow the lifting safety operating procedures to prevent the use of flammable and explosive materials; The machine is not suitable for carrying people, nor is it suitable for lifting corrosive objects caused by splashing; When lifting, the hooks must not touch the body , The two should not be less than 50mm.


The closed operation of the electric chain hoist: After the raising is completed, a part of the mixing motor is placed on the supporting frame. Avoid long-term hoisting conditions; after parking, unplug the power plug.

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