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How to solve the shaking of the chain hoist and improve the service life

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Shaking is a taboo in the use of chain hoists, indicating that problems with chain hoists need to be solved. Beijing Lingying exclusively reveals the method to solve the shaking of the chain hoist and increase its service life.

1. Unreliable fixing of the upper hook is a common cause for the shaking of the chain hoist. At this time, a third-party lifting equipment is needed to remove the heavy object from the lower hook and fix the hoist body again.

2. The heavy object is not fixed in place, and the heavy object should be fixed directly below the chain hoist. If it is not directly below, it will cause the heavy object to shake when the goods are lifted. At this time, you need to re-determine the center of gravity of the heavy object, and then fix it on the inside of the lower hook tongue.

3. Overload use will also cause the center of gravity to be unstable and shake. At this time, work should be stopped, and the lifting of heavy objects should be reduced, or a chain hoist with a suitable lifting weight should be replaced.

4. If some links in the chain are cracked or damaged, they will appear unbalanced and shake left and right in the process of improving the product.

5. During the pulling process, the operator is fast and sometimes slow, and the strength used is also sometimes large, sometimes small, or emergent stop conditions appear, which will cause the chain hoist to be unable to perform up and down operations stably and appear shaking.

In the process of using the chain hoist, strictly abide by the instructions for use, and prohibit the above 5 situations, which can appropriately increase the service life of the chain hoist.

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