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How to solve and maintain the motor failure of electric chain hoist

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Electric chain hoist is a kind of chain electric hoist. Similar to other equipment, electric chain hoist may have various failures during use. Among them, motor failure is very serious, which may directly cause the electric hoist to be scrapped, so it is also Focus on the points of concern.


1. The phase connection of the power cord will cause the phase protection to start, so it cannot be operated. The solution only needs to swap the power cords of the two phases.


2. The fuse of the power supply is blown or the non-fuse switch is tripped. Just check whether the current demand is met, replace the appropriate fuse or restart the no-fuse switch.


3. The fuse of the control circuit is burned out. The solution is to check and replace the correct fuse.


4. The power cord or control circuit wire is broken or not connected properly. The solution is to read or replace the broken and unsatisfactory wires.


5. The voltage of the power supply is too low. The solution is to measure whether the voltage value is lower than 10% of the standard power supply voltage.


6. The motor makes a sound, but it does not rotate. It is necessary to check whether the phase of the motor is correct, maintain it and do an insulating action.


7. The emergency switch is pressed. Need to confirm the reason for pressing the emergency switch.


8. Bad contactor. Solution Manually operate the hoist. If the electric chain hoist operates normally, it means that the control coil or wire has poor contact. Find the position of the poor contact and repair it. If the electric chain hoist cannot be operated manually, you need to Check whether the main power supply is normal. If the main power supply does not have a title, the contactor is defective and cannot output normally, and the contactor needs to be replaced.


9. The solution to the short circuit of the contactor's coil: replace the contactor.


In order to prevent the above failures of the electric chain hoist motor, we must strictly install the product operation manual during use to ensure the safety of the motor.





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