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How to safely operate MD1 wire rope electric hoist

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MD1 type wire rope electric hoist is a two-speed (normal speed and slow speed) product in small hoist series products. 

How to operate safely and efficiently, prolong the life of the product and protect people's safety?

The following are the safe operation methods and procedures for this type of product:

1. Memorize MD1 electric hoist instructions

Please read the instructions on the instruction manual and the nameplate before operating.


2. Adjust MD1 electric hoist stop block

      Adjust the stop block of the upper and lower limits before lifting the object.


3. Determine the condition of the MD1 electric hoist brake

      Please confirm that the brake condition is reliable before use.


4. Check if the wire rope is abnormal before use.

      (1) Bending, deformation corrosion, etc.

      (2) The degree of breakage of the wire rope exceeds the specified requirements, and the amount of wear is large.

      In the above cases, operations are never allowed.


5. Check the resistance before installation and use

      Before installation, please check the insulation resistance of the motor and control box with a 500V megger. The cold resistance should be greater than 5MΩ at normal temperature before use.


6. Do not exceed the rated load of MD1 electric hoist

      Never lift objects that exceed the rated load. The rated load is indicated on the hook nameplate.


7. Prohibition of passengers and for manned items

      It is forbidden to take passengers on the lifting objects, and never use the electric hoist as the lifting mechanism of the elevator to carry people.

8. Check the lifting object below

      There must be no one underneath the lifting object.

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