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How to make the jib crane use longer

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Nowadays, crane equipment has become more and more mature and more and more types. The use of cantilever cranes is used more in the production workshop to help the company's production and processing. How to make the jib crane use longer, this is our topic today.

JIB crane 4 ton (5)

The structure of the jib crane is reasonable, the operation is simple, the rotation is flexible, and the working space is large. It is an energy-saving and efficient material lifting equipment. After long-term use, the crane will be worn more or less, and it should be cleaned regularly. Clean the surface of the crane and check the parts. See if it needs to be replaced. If it needs to be replaced, replace it in time to avoid affecting the performance. Also pay attention to lubrication, regularly change the lubricant to avoid lubricant contamination. Regular maintenance can extend the life of the equipment.

 JIB crane 4 ton (6)

The operation of the crane needs to be carried out according to the operating specifications and requirements, comply with the corresponding safety standards, and cannot be operated arbitrarily during the use of the entire crane, and the illegal operation cannot be carried out, such as the requirements on the load and the requirements for use in different environments. It is different.




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