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How to maintain the chain electric hoist to prevent rust

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In daily life, the equipment we use may be rusted if it is not handled properly. Lifting equipment such as chain electric hoists are no exception. If you do not pay attention to maintenance during use, rust will also appear. Situation, then how to prevent this equipment from rusting? What methods are effective during maintenance? Let ’s see the introduction below.

Method for preventing rust of electric chain hoist:

It is very important to prevent the equipment from rusting. If the equipment is rusty, it will not only affect the appearance, but also affect the use of the equipment; so in the process of using the equipment, it must be protected against rust in time; the bearing of the equipment hook must be filled with professional Lubricating oil to prevent rusting; the surface of the equipment body exposed to the outside needs to be coated with lubricating oil or grease, so as to prevent rusting; for equipment gearboxes, the surface of the gear needs to be coated with rustproofing grease. Regularly check the rust of the equipment and maintain it in time.

Methods for effective maintenance of electric chain hoists:

If the device is not in use, you need to find a place to store it in advance. If you don't use it, you need to roll up the hook on the bottom of the device, and the key cable should be hung on the column; In order to prevent dust and sand from being adsorbed on the key, the user needs Clean it often; during storage, you need to idly rotate the equipment regularly to prevent rust. Of course, you should also pay attention to wipe dirt and water droplets, and at the same time apply lubricant to the head of the hook and the load chain.

After the equipment is used, the equipment needs to be cleaned in time, and then coated with anti-rust grease. The storage location must ensure dryness. Maintenance and inspection need to find professional technicians to help. Use kerosene when cleaning gourd accessories; Lake Road After cleaning and maintenance, you need to run it at no load, and then you can use it again after ensuring the safety and reliability of operation.

When loading the car, it must not be overloaded and super high. When loading and bundling work must be carried out by professionals; the fixed connection of oversized objects and special flatbeds must use professional standard wire ropes.





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