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How to maintain crane bearings?

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After the crane has been used for a long time, various problems of its bearings will gradually appear. One of the intuitive problems is the occurrence of corrosion, especially for those cranes that have been used outdoors for a long time. But the bearing is very important for the whole crane, so its maintenance work must be done well to prevent corrosion.


If it is found that the surface of the crane bearing is corroded, it needs to be disassembled and attacked, and the sludge, dust and other dirt on it must be cleaned with gasoline. If it is a rusted lifting bearing, remove the rust with metallo graphic sandpaper, and smooth the bearing surface before cleaning.

Then clean the cleaned lifting bearing with cloth, and then completely soak it with anti-rust oil. This is the anti-rust treatment of the bearing. After the rust prevention is completed, the bearing needs to be lubricated, but the selection of the grease and the amount of application must be properly controlled.





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