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How to lubricate the electric hoist? How to install it to ensure the effect?

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Nowadays, the lifting industry is developing rapidly. The existence of various lifting equipment provides effective convenience for many industries. The use of electric hoist as an auxiliary tool for lifting equipment is gradually expanding, and the demand for use is also continuously increasing. So how should this equipment be lubricated when it is used? How can it be installed to ensure the overall use effect?

Electric hoist lubrication method:

For the reducer for hoisting and running, it needs to be injected from the oil injection hole when lubricating, to ensure that it is lubricated once every six months, the lubricating oil must choose professional mechanical oil; when the wire rope and the drum are lubricated, the lubricating oil needs to be applied to On the surface, the lubricating oil can be made of wire rope grease, and try to ensure that it is lubricated once a week; when lubricating the hook and pulley bearing wheels, the lubricating oil needs to be squeezed in, and the lubricating oil should also be special, try to ensure that it is lubricated every six months; The running motor must be lubricated and lubricated every six months.

Electric hoist installation method:

First, open the box containing the equipment, remove the tape above it, and then take the equipment out for trial operation. Do not rush during the operation, otherwise it will cause the wire rope to rewind and damage the limit frame; at the same time, the wire rope and the limit should be avoided If the rack is in direct contact, the limit switch will fail, which will cause the equipment to fail to operate normally.

Secondly, it must be ensured that the body of the device cannot be moved or rotated along the installation rod during installation; it must be carefully tested when the device is officially installed, and can only be installed after the test is determined; the buffer on both sides of the track or I-beam The device must be neatly installed; the supporting points of the I-beam must be carried out according to the drawings, and check whether the link is firm.

When the equipment is hoisted, it can be installed by crane according to the actual situation of the construction site. Of course, the hoist can also be used to set the hoisting of the pulley group. During the hoisting, special protection measures must be taken to ensure that the equipment is not damaged; Carry out a test run after installation. After turning on the power, first check whether the direction of each motor is the same as the direction of the control button.

This is the relevant introduction of the electric hoist. I hope that it can provide effective help for real use and installation. I also hope that everyone can know the effective lubrication of the equipment, which can extend the service life of the equipment and allow it to provide effective use for everyone. , The correct installation can ensure that the device is not damaged, but also improve the efficiency of the device body.





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