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How to know the temperature of the crane motor?

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The temperature of the crane's motor will be abnormal from time to time. I also talked about this topic a few days ago. The abnormal temperature of the motor will bring a series of serious consequences to the crane, especially if it is not found in time. So how do you know if the temperature of the crane motor has exceeded the specified range? It must be known only through measurement.

At present, there are three methods that can be used to measure the temperature of the crane motor. One is the more direct feel method, which does not rely on any measurement in order to feel the height of the temperature by placing the hand on the motor for a long time. However, this method is dangerous, so it is not recommended for everyone.

The other is the bearing measurement method. Generally, the temperature near the outer ring position of the bearing is measured by an infrared measuring instrument, and the temperature is directly converted by a meter after being converted by a temperature transmitter. Another method is similar to the core temperature measurement method, but it will be more complicated during operation. The crane motor needs to be disassembled to measure the core temperature with an alcohol thermometer.





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