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How to judge the quality of single-girder cranes

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The single-girder crane is a kind of handling equipment commonly used in enterprises. When we purchase such mechanical equipment, the main focus is on its quality. However, the products on the market are varied, and how to judge the quality of single-girder cranes has become the key to purchasing equipment.


When judging whether the quality of a single-girder crane is up to standard, the first thing is to listen to the sound. We often see some low-quality single-girder cranes that are very noisy during operation. These noises are mostly transmitted by the reducer and the wheels. Good quality single-girder cranes have little sound during start-up or operation, helping to improve the working environment.


The second is to observe whether the running state of the single-girder crane is stable, because the impact of the single-girder crane with poor quality is very large, so that the running shake has certain safety hazards. Therefore, customers should choose to run smoothly when purchasing. This single-girder crane is controlled by inverter speed to achieve the effect of soft start.


Also, don't overlook the single-gear crane drive, including the motor, reducer, and brakes. If you buy a crane of poor quality, oil leakage may occur. The oil leakage will not only pollute the working environment, but also affect the service life. Therefore, when purchasing a single-girder crane, it is recommended to consider a three-in-one drive and a sealed reducer.


If the above three aspects of the inspection can be qualified, it means that the quality of this single-girder crane is still up to standard, you can buy it safely and put it into the actual operation, it can help us easily complete a series of handling tasks.





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