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How to install the running electric chain hoist?

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The running electric chain hoist is an electric hoist with a running sports car. It is manufactured by fine craftsmanship, with good stability, high-grade durability and high work efficiency. The following will introduce how to install the running electric chain hoist?


When the running electric chain hoist is first installed and connected to the power line, the main power supply must be cut off in advance, and the ground wire should be grounded to prevent the staff from touching the metal parts of the electric hoist and getting an electric shock.


Check the working voltage and configure it according to the factory voltage of the running electric chain hoist. When installing a running electric chain hoist, starting at an incorrect voltage can cause serious harm to the electric hoist, so it should be ensured that the correct voltage is used.

The running electric chain hoist is equipped with an electric sports car, so when installing, we should pay attention to the model of the electric sports car, whether it is consistent with the I-beam model, because the electric sports car of different tonnage is different from the I-beam model. , at this time, you should pay more attention to avoid the situation that the electric sports car does not match the I-beam model, which is a waste of manpower and financial resources, so we should buy the appropriate model of equipment after knowing the model.


Before the operation of the running electric chain hoist, pay attention to check the arrangement of the chain, prevent the lower hook from turning over, arrange the welding port of the chain, and use it after smoothing the chain. Do not hang heavy objects when the chain is twisted.


The above is the installation method and precautions of the running electric chain hoist, do you understand? Correct and standardized installation and operation of electric hoist is a safety guarantee for our lifting operation, everyone should pay attention to it!





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