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How to improve the working efficiency of electric chain hoist?

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After years of development, electric chain hoists occupy a certain share in the market and become an indispensable lifting equipment in the production of factory workshops. However, after some customers have used it for a period of time, the efficiency of the electric chain hoist is not as ideal as it was at the beginning. What is the reason? How to improve the efficiency of electric chain hoist?


1. It is necessary to regularly check the various parts of the electric chain hoist to see if there is any quality problem. If there is any wear or damage to the quality of the accessories, it must be replaced in time to avoid "running with illness". Otherwise, the efficiency of the whole machine will be affected.


2. Regularly maintain and maintain the electric chain hoist, regularly fill in lubricating oil with qualitative and quantitative positioning, clean all parts, and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.


Third, do a good job in the technical training of lifting operators to improve their technical quality. Strengthen the operator to strictly abide by the operating procedures and the education of the post responsibility system, avoid frequent mobilization, and reduce the operation failure due to human beings.


In addition, it is also very necessary to do a good job in the prevention of electric chain hoists. VOHOBOO specializes in the production of various types of electric hoists, and has a complete pre-sales and after-sales service system. Welcome to consult. 





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