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How to hang the stage electric hoist on the I-beam

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The stage electric hoist is a hoist used on the stage. It needs to be hung on the I-beam when it is used, so how to hang it on the I-beam? Let's explain the installation method:


1: Chain box


The first step is to install the chain box. The chain box must be installed correctly, because it determines whether the chain of the chain hoist can run normally.


2: Link the power cord


It should be noted that the power cord must be turned off before installation, and the ground wire must be in contact with the ground, otherwise it will be electrified.


3: Chain of electric hoist


It must be lubricated before it can be installed. The degree of lubrication of the chain affects the service life of the load chain.


4: Check the order of the chain


The chain is made up of rings one by one to ensure that the lower hook cannot be turned over.


5: Working voltage


The electric chain hoist has a working voltage, generally 230V to 460V. It is necessary to check the wiring and confirm whether it meets the voltage requirements.




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