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How to drive the electric chain hoist reducer?

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The electric chain hoist geared motor is composed of a series of perfectly matched modular motors and gearbox configurations. The modular system allows us to use standardized components to manufacture parallel shaft geared motors, right-angle shaft geared motors and coaxial geared motors. The solution can be tailored to your needs, fast and cost-effective.


Let's introduce the parallel shaft geared motor:


Electric chain hoist parallel shaft geared motors are specially designed for space-saving drive solutions. The shell design provides good ground clearance for walking applications on the ground. The height of the output shaft of the parallel shaft reduction box is relatively large, which is beneficial to the centralized driving arrangement of the driving trolley. For example, it is beneficial to adopt the bidirectional output shaft design of the reduction box in the centralized driving arrangement. Has the following advantages:


1. Ultra-wide range of transmission ratio.


2. Efficient and cost-effective solutions.


3. The practical design can meet the requirements of various walking applications.





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