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How to clean the electric chain hoist after use

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After the electric chain hoist is used, it needs to be cleaned up. This work is directly related to its later storage and corrosion resistance. So how should this work be carried out?


Step 1: If there are rust spots on the surface of the electric hoist, a hard metal material needs to be used to remove all the rust on the surface of the electric hoist. If any, pay attention to the integrity of the undamaged parts when cleaning.


The second step is to spray a layer of oil cleaning agent on the surface of each part of the electric hoist with oil stains. After standing for a period of time, wipe all the dissolved oil stains on the surface.


The third step, when the stains and rust on the surface of the electric hoist are cleaned and dried, we need to apply anti-rust grease and lubricating grease to the special parts for lubrication and maintenance.


The above is a detailed introduction about the cleaning and maintenance of the electric chain hoist after use. I hope it can be helpful to you. Do the maintenance of the electric hoist regularly to ensure the service life and safety performance of the electric hoist. Only with this electric chain hoist can we bring us more work benefits.





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