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How to choose the safe and safe use of electric hoist

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With the development of technology, it is inevitable that we need to use some high-tech products in our work and life. As a small lifting equipment, wire rope electric hoist is widely used in many different fields. So when consumers buy, how to choose an electric hoist device that suits them?

First, consider the height that the electric hoist can lift. The electric hoist is mainly used for lifting, migration, loading and unloading, etc., so the height it can lift is one of the very important parameters. There are many electric hoists with different specifications on the market, and they can be raised at different heights. Common ones include 12 meters, 18 meters, 24 meters, and 30 meters. Electric hoists with low lifting height can only be raised by 6 meters or 9 Meter.

Secondly, while pursuing height, we also need to pursue a certain speed. At present, the lifting speed of electric hoist on the market is mainly divided into two types, single speed and double speed. Consumers should choose according to their own use needs to see if they have any requirements for the speed of improvement. Under normal circumstances, a single-speed wire rope hoist is sufficient to meet most tasks.

Furthermore, motor power and voltage are one of the factors that users must consider. When the wire rope electric hoist is used, the specific values of the motor power and voltage may also change due to different use environments. In this case, the user needs to work with the working environment of the electric hoist according to the specific situation. Only in this way can the later work efficiency be improved.

Is to consider the price of wire rope electric hoist. When consumers buy electric hoist, they usually want the price to be cheap. But when you need to pay attention, only by choosing high-quality materials, components and good process technology, the overall quality of the equipment will be high, but in this case, the cost of the equipment will not be cheap. Ke Mai editor here should remind consumers that if they want to use the equipment they buy with peace of mind, they must avoid chasing the cheaper price, and must consider the cost-effective products based on their own circumstances.

If users want to use high-quality, reliable, and safe wire rope electric hoist, then users need to carry out comprehensive selection and selection from the aspects of lifting height, speed, electric power, voltage and price.





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