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How to choose the resistance value and power of the crane?

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Among the factors that affect the operation of the crane, the resistance value and the resistance power are very critical. Only when these two parameters are set properly can the crane reach a stable and stable working state. How to choose the resistance value and power of the crane?

According to the general situation, the selection of the resistance value is basically determined according to the parameters given by the crane inverter sample, but the premise is that the current on the resistor does not exceed the rated current of the inverter when the voltage of the DC circuit is met. The selection of resistance power is even more cautious. It must not be too large or too small, otherwise it will increase the cost of the system or make the operation of the crane unreliable.

There are many factors to consider in this part of the determination, including the power of the motor, the reverse efficiency of the reducer, the length of the down running time, the size of the negative acceleration, etc., and appropriate adjustments should be made according to the actual situation. In order to ensure that the crane can run normally, the first thing to analyze is the resistance power of the equipment under the falling condition.

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