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How to choose the installation position of the fixed electric chain hoist?

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The fixed electric chain hoist needs to be fixed and installed before it can be used, so do you know the specific installation method of this electric hoist? How to install to ensure the safety of work? Let's take a look at the specific installation operation together.


1. Select a suitable installation location first. Before installing the electric chain hoist, you must first choose a suitable location, there should be no obstacles around, and the working environment should be spacious and bright, so that the work will be safer and more convenient.


2. Choose the right tool to hang the electric hoist. Fixed electric hoists do not need electric sports cars, we can use the help of steel plate clamps, hooks, shackles and other tools. Fix them on the I-beam, and then hang the electric hoist directly on it.


3. The installation of electric chain hoist should be done by professionals. The correct installation of the electric hoist has a great impact on the work safety. To ensure the reasonable installation of the product, the above installation methods must be followed, and the installation of the electric hoist should be done by professionals.


In short, when we install the fixed electric chain hoist, we must not only ensure the reasonable position, but also ensure the correct installation. In order to prevent mistakes, we try to ask professionals to do these tasks. After the installation is completed Do a test load test and use it after ensuring safety.





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