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How to check the wire rope electric hoist before hoisting?

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Wire rope electric hoist is mainly suitable for construction and installation companies, factories and mines civil engineering and bridge construction, electric power, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, construction, highways, bridges, metallurgy, mines, slope tunnels, shaft treatment and protection and other infrastructure construction machinery equipment . The wire rope electric hoist should be tested before hoisting, the specific content is as follows:

1. Before hoisting, check carefully whether the reducer of the hoisting part of the wire rope electric hoist is filled with lubricating oil and the walking part is filled with lubricating grease. Remove the oil stains or anti-rust oil on the treads of the electric trolley.

2. Read the instruction manual and other random documents carefully to understand the product structure. Check whether the electrical control box is wired according to the electrical diagram, and check the insulation status of the hoisting motor and the walking motor.

3. Check whether the fixed end of the wire rope is tightened, and whether the plug is wedged firmly.

4. The evacuator is assembled correctly, and the ascending and descending limit switches are installed correctly.

5. There must be three pressure plates at each end of the wire rope and the reel, and the bolts must be fastened.

6. According to the regulations, the hook must be painted with yellow and black zebra pattern paint, and the hook safety device is complete.

7. Check whether the wiring of the control button is correct, and the safety rope of the fixed button must be installed.

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