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How to carefully check the various configuration parts in the crane?

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There are many accessories for cranes, and all these accessories need to be checked before use to troubleshoot and ensure safety. However, the method and process of inspecting the faults of different parts of the crane are different. During the inspection, carefully check according to the characteristics of each part, so as not to adversely affect the crane.

The first thing to check is the pulley of one of the crane accessories. It is necessary to check whether the pulley is equipped with a rope groove prevention device; whether the pulley groove, rim has cracks, broken edges, excessive wear, etc .; whether the pulley is flexible, etc. It works normally when working.

It should be a reducer. Check if there are any abnormal sounds such as metal friction noise, vibration, and radiation from the casing when the reducer is running. At the same time, whether the shaft end is intact and whether the fixing bolts are loose or defective; etc. The quality and oil quantity are also the focus of attention.

As a major protective device for cranes, the braking device naturally also needs to be checked to see its setting, type, and status of each component, etc. The required braking capacity can meet the requirements. Next is the drum of the crane, including its abrasion; the height of the drum rim and the number of layers of wire rope winding, and the working conditions of the rope guide and rope arranger, etc.

In general, cranes use compact drums, which can effectively reduce the occupation of the length of the drum by the pressure rope part, thereby achieving a large start with a smaller size; even so, the crane is equipped with size drums It can also appropriately increase the number of rope pressing rings and improve the safety of the drum. Such a crane is suitable for occasions where the lifting height is particularly large, the wire rope is intertwined and the drum length is shortened.





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