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How to avoid shaking problem when using small electric chain hoist

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When using small electric chain hoists, some users like to pull diagonally, tilt and lift, and don’t want to work hard to move heavy objects directly under the electric hoist. They always feel that diagonal pulling is okay, but they don’t know that this kind of harm is huge, of which the most serious The problem is that the electric chain hoist will shake during use.


Once the lifting equipment shakes, it will cause overloading during the lifting process. Overloading is actually very dangerous. It may cause the electric hoist to shake the heavy objects and cause personal injury or death. Try to avoid this during operation. problem,


To avoid shaking, ensure that the lifting process must be lifted at a vertical and uniform speed, not from time to time, and from time to time, and one thing is not to overload lifting. Overload lifting will also cause shaking.


By achieving the above two points, the small electric chain hoist can avoid shaking problems and ensure the safety of the overall operation.





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