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How to adjust the gap between the wire rope electric hoist sports car and the I-beam?

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The products we buy are semi-finished products and need to be assembled by ourselves. For example, we bought a gantry crane and a wire rope electric hoist. The sports cars are shipped separately and assembled by themselves when they arrive. Today we will specifically talk about the installation of electric sports cars.


The electric sports car needs to maintain a gap of 3mm-5mm when installed on the beam of the gantry crane. After adjustment, it must be tested. After turning on the power, first check whether the running directions of the various motors are consistent, and then follow the test run.


1: Don't hang heavy objects first, start various mechanisms in neutral F to perform forward and reverse tests to check whether the control line is correct and whether it can be lifted smoothly.


2: Static load test, that is, under the condition that the operating mechanism is not moving, conduct a tensile test of 1.25 times, 100mm from the ground, and hang in the air for 10 minutes. If the various mechanisms are normal, it is normal.


3: Dynamic load test: Under the condition of good static load test results, test with 1.1 times the rated load. Repeated lifting and moving left and right loads shall be no less than 15 minutes. Each mechanism shall be normal, and the braking sliding amount shall be S.


After adjusting the various parts, you can put into the experiment without any problems.





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