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How to add lubricant to a jib crane

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The main function of lubricating the cantilever crane is to control friction, reduce wear, reduce equipment temperature, prevent mechanical corrosion, and form seals. These effects depend on each other and influence each other. If the friction cannot be effectively controlled, the purpose of reducing the wear can not be achieved, and a large amount of frictional heat is generated, which causes the high temperature of the machine, thereby destroying the friction surface lubrication and lubricating the material.

Regular lubrication is required for all parts with shafts and holes and mechanical parts with relative motion friction surfaces. All kinds of cranes are all the same. Due to different working conditions, the requirements for lubrication points are the same. For all types of cranes and lubrication points of different parts, it is necessary to carry out periodic maintenance and regular inspection according to the provisions of the manual, and use qualified grease to lubricate them in order to make the machine run normally and overcome the early wear. If unqualified substitutes are used, it will cause mechanical equipment accidents, directly damage the equipment parts and affect safety production.

It is not difficult to see that lubrication plays an important role in the maintenance and maintenance of lifting equipment, and the selection and use of lubricating materials directly affects the lubrication effect.





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